X Factor’s James Wilson ‘does a runner’ ahead of Bootcamp audition

James's nerves get the better of him leading to yet another awkward Bootcamp round for one of his 'Line Challenge' teammates Samantha Atkinson


There’s usually infighting by the time X Factor acts get to the Bootcamp ‘Line Challenge’ but nervous contestant James Wilson goes the whole hog and does a runner ahead of tonight’s audition.


The 34-year-old joiner had already admitted his stage fright to the judges in the room auditions. Tonight, Wilson lets his nerves get to him so much that he hotfoots it out of the Bootcamp venue and back to his hotel, leaving his two teammates none the wiser as to where he is.

Unfortunately for Samantha Atkinson she is one of Wilson’s line challenge buddies, so it’s the second year in a row she’s had a tough time at this stage of the competition. Last year she got into a spat with fellow contestant Ryan Ruckledge, having an uncomfortable audition in front of the bemused judges.


Atkinson and fellow group member Rebekah Ryan are left to quickly dish out his lines between them as the judges wait for them to deliver the final audition of the day. And having watched more than a hundred singers perform, it’s safe to say they’re not keen to wait long.

With Wilson’s hotel half an hour a way it seems unlikely he’ll get back in time. And with their calls being ignored the ladies have no idea if he’s even on his way back. So will he swoop in at the last minute?


Find out tonight from 7:30pm on ITV