This was the dance Ed Balls was going to do next week on Strictly – are we sure he can’t come back?

To stop his unique talent from flourishing seems like such a great injustice


Ed Balls was voted off Strictly Come Dancing last night (you’ve really outdone yourself, 2016) and everyone is, understandably, distraught.


The former shadow chancellor of the exchequer had so much potential, such natural rhythm and astonishing hip movements. “Oh, what could have been!” I hear you cry.

Well, we actually know what could have been, seeing as Ed Balls has tweeted a video of the rumba he and Katya Jones had planned to perform next week, definitely best NOT left to the imagination.

Would you just look at those arms.

Um, so can he get a pardon and come back on the show please? C’mon… election votes in the US are being recounted, MPs are getting a say on the EU referendum – panic back-pedalling is sooo 2016.


Is it really too much trouble to let Ed Balls back onto the Strictly dance floor? IS IT?