The Xtra Factor’s Rylan cried his eyes out after hearing about Matt Edmondson’s new baby

Because how else would he react?


Rylan Clark-Neal’s best TV moment is arguably when he overwhelmed Nicole Scherzinger with his X Factor waterworks, so it should come as no surprise that he burst into tears when he heard about Matt Edmondson’s new baby.


On Saturday night Clark-Neal was left to front The Xtra Factor when his co-host had to leave the studio two hours before the live show as his wife Bryony had gone into labour – three weeks early.

And Clark-Neal, well, he got a tad teary upon hearing the news, blubbering in his dressing room, according to a note tweeted by Edmondson.

Yes, although he looked calm when announcing Edmondson’s news live on air, just think that Clark-Neal was in this state minutes before.


Sweet or scary? We’re not sure.


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