Strictly’s Ed Balls dances at his book launch

So eager is the former MP to get onto the dance floor he's even rehearsing while promoting his autobiography


Ed Balls is so excited about his foray into the world of ballroom dancing that he’s sneaking practice moves in wherever he can, including while promoting his autobiography.


Attending an event to promote his political memoir Speaking Out, the former MP was also stepping out with his new professional dance partner Katya Jones. OK, so they just sort of rock back and forth doing the ‘keeeeeep dancing’ thing. But hey, it’s totally in time, he manages to do it in two different directions (gasp) and successfully avoids smashing his face into anything, which after bashing it up on a door earlier in the week, is an improvement.

That’s at least a 2 or 3 from Len, right?

Meanwhile, pro Katya isn’t just dishing out the lessons, but is making sure to learn something from her new pal, too.


Better than just using it to prop up a computer screen, eh?