Could we see Piers Morgan on Strictly Come Dancing? Richard Arnold teases: ‘He could handle it!’

Several of the Good Morning Britain team have tried their hand at Strictly Come Dancing – could Piers Morgan be next?

Piers Morgan, ITV Pictures

We had a sensational Strictly Come Dancing finale (congratulations Kelvin Fletcher!), but already we’re looking forward to Strictly 2020 – and who could be among those taking part.


While a fair few of the Good Morning Britain team have swapped reading the news from sequins and samba, one very notable GMB name has eschewed the call of the glitterball for now – Piers Morgan.

However, Strictly 2012 star and Strictly Christmas special returnee Richard Arnold believes the controversial broadcaster is more than capable of showing his smooth moves on the dance floor.

“I think he could probably handle it,” he told and other journalists at the press launch for the Strictly Christmas special. “He just doesn’t quite understand how that sort of glitter starts coursing through your veins and we all go to a place when we talk about Strictly. And he looks at us because he’s totally baffled by it.”

Arnold cheekily added: “It would be interesting to see if he would take to the floor. I’ve never actually seen him throw shapes, but I know that both Piers and I are very fond of outfits at this time of year with a bit of give in them. So, I’m sure that the Strictly wardrobe department would accommodate.”

Richard and Lubna Strictly Christmas (BBC)

Morgan is sticking out like a sore thumb on GMB, with both Susanna Reid and Charlotte Hawkins having competed on Strictly Come Dancing previously.

However, the chances of actually seeing him shaking his stuff on Strictly are depressingly slim.

Having previously turned down the BBC One dance show, Morgan told The Sun: “Dancing is not for me.

“They’ve offered me vast sums of money to go and humiliate myself on national TV. But I prefer to do it with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s in the privacy of my own home.”

For the Christmas special, Arnold has been partnered with Luba Mushtuk to perform a very festive foxtrot.

“I’ve loved the training, I really have,” he said. “I’m in very, very good hands – though these nails are razor sharp!”


The Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special airs at 4:40pm on Christmas Day on BBC One