Strictly Come Dancing 2020: “Worst-case scenario celebs will have to quarantine”

Strictly producers are reportedly bracing themselves for a potential quarantine - and are looking to sign celebs who won't get "cold feet".

Strictly Come Dancing

The Strictly Come Dancing bosses have reportedly drawn up several worst-case-scenarios for the upcoming series, and are now looking to book celebs who can be away from home for long stretches in the event of a quarantine.


BBC producers are said to be keen to sign celebrity contestants who don’t have young children and dependants, with the hope that this will minimise the risk of contestants “getting cold feet” and pulling out, a source told The Sun.

“The team at Strictly have plans A, B and C — each corresponding to the level of risk,” the source said. “One measure being looked at is booking stars who do not have young dependents. If there is a worst-case scenario and the celebs have to quarantine before and during the series, it would mean weeks away from their children.

“They want to minimise the risk of anyone who is booked getting cold feet at the thought of having to be away from home for such a long time.” reached out to the BBC, but the broadcaster declined to comment.


Celebrities already rumoured to be taking part in this year’s series include actress Michelle Keegan and Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing, who last year was forced to drop out of the competition following a foot injury – inadvertently paving the way for his replacement and the eventual Strictly 2019 winner, Kelvin Fletcher.