Mary Berry: I turned down Strictly Come Dancing

The Great British Bake Off judge reveals she said no to a spell on the dance floor


Mary Berry dressed head-to-toe in sequins, dancing the cha-cha-cha across Strictly’s shiny dance floor? It could have happened…


The Great British Bake Off judge has revealed she was asked to participate in the BBC1 dance contest, but tells the new edition of Radio Times that she turned it down.

“I do enjoy watching it but I wouldn’t do it myself,” she explains. “My husband and children would kill me!”

Because while she’s a dab hand in the kitchen, Bezza claims it would have been murder on the dance floor. “I have two left feet and would make a terrible fool of myself.”

And we thought it would have been a cakewalk…


Read the full interview in the new edition of Radio Times, available in shops and on the newsstand from Tuesday 19th January.