Chas & Dave delight viewers with surprise Strictly appearance

Who knew the terms and conditions could be turned into entertainment?


Every week, Claudia Winkleman is given the challenging task of reading out Strictly’s terms and conditions in a manner that makes for entertaining live television. Bless her – they’re about as dull as the back of a cereal packet – and poor Claud often rattles through in a bid to hold viewers’ attention before the show gets back to the good stuff.


But not this week. Because last night Strictly enlisted the help of two very special guests to jazz things up a little. Yes, if you woke up this morning wondering if you really did see Chas & Dave singing the Strictly terms and conditions to the tune of Snooker Loopy, it wasn’t a dream. In the words of Claud herself: “You’re right. This just happened.”


The pair’s appearance delighted Strictly fans who took to Twitter to hail their albeit brief performance:

Although some wondered what on earth was going on…

And others demanded to know how the pair still looked exactly the same all these years later.

The Ain’t No Pleasing You hitmakers returned later in the show to open voting with another of their hits – Rabbit.


As if Ed Balls gyrating around the dancefloor wasn’t bizarre enough…