See the moment Romesh Ranganathan broke wrist in BMX crash filming A League of Their Own

The comedian took a nasty tumble while filming a speed challenge on a BMX bike.

Romesh Ranganathan

Host Romesh Ranganathan had a nasty crash while training for a BMX race with A League of Their Own colleague Jamie Redknapp – and hit the track so hard he broke his wrist and dislocated his thumb.


The accident occurred in July at a track in East London and Redknapp, far from consoling his injured colleague, taunted him.

“Do you want ET to fix it?” he asked, extending his finger. “Did you fall off or were you just tired?”

Later, a less-than-sympathetic Redknapp suggested he could put him in his bicycle’s basket, like ET, and take him to A&E.

New A League of Their Own host Ranganathan was taken to Homerton Hospital for treatment and later told the Mirror: “The track where it happened doesn’t have many injuries.

“Unluckily for me, the health and safety guys hadn’t dreamed up the uniquely stupid way I’d do the challenge. I can’t even say I did it during the white heat of a competition — it happened during training.”

Ranganathan wrote about the experience in the Guardian and admitted he overreacted “massively”.

He added: “I saw my thumb looking as if it wanted to emigrate from my hand, and I had to be given gas and air. My wife didn’t even have that when she gave birth to each of our three boys.”

“I walked off the site to be taken to hospital, where I was put in a plaster cast and sent home. I’m going to be absolutely honest: I was quite looking forward to the sympathy when I got back, and much of my journey was spent practising sorry-for-myself faces and holding up my broken hands like a sad T Rex.”

A League of Their Own returns to Sky One and NOW TV on Thursday, 20th August at 9pm.


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