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Vernon Kay dismisses AJ Pritchard’s claim heaters made I’m a Celebrity toasty

Was the castle as cosy as AJ claims? No, according to his fellow camper.

Vernon Kay

AJ Pritchard has added fuel to the fire that I’m a Celebrity 2020 was a little on the luxurious side, but Vernon Kay has disputed his claim that heaters kept the 12 contestants warm at night.


AJ told his brother, Curtis, on their podcast AJ vs Curtis that heaters in the sleeping area kept the castle dwellers warm in the wee small hours between 2-5am.

Vernon, however, dismissed the suggestion and said they were “cold at night”.

Earlier this week AJ said: “So the heat lamps would maybe turn on at about 2am and about maybe 5am to kind of make it feel warm in the sleeping areas because we worked out, you got to be secret on this, we had mic changes about 2pm and 2am, so one night I went to bed thinking, ‘oh my god I will be absolute freezing’, so I put on a million layers, and had a hot flush at 4 or 5am.”

Curtis replied that I’m a Celebrity was meant to be an extreme situation and cold conditions would have created more drama – if everyone was comfortable there was less likely to be drama.

Vernon appeared on This Morning and was quizzed by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby about AJ’s revelation.

“Really?” he responded. “There was one heater in my living quarters but they were very rarely used. I’ll be honest with you, [it was] cold at night. It was freezing during the day because of the draught from the door that went into the courtyard, that sometimes would remain open so the draught that came through and the heat that we got was very, very limited. It wasn’t on all the time.

“We were cold at night, but they did provide us with amazing sleeping bags so maybe he was having a hot flush!”

Vernon added that the shower wasn’t exactly toasty either: “It wasn’t hot, it wasn’t steaming it was just warm. But, when you’re covered in fish guts, offal, smell and stench, maggots and cockroaches anything will do. You just want to get it all off you, get your fingers in your hair with the shampoo – which was limited, by the way – and just cleanse yourself.

“The showers were a place of solace, it was a place of tranquility while you were in the show because you washed off the trial and got on with the day.”

An I’m a Celebrity spokesperson declined to comment on the claims.


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