Who is Tom Wotton? The Shipwrecked contestant is a trainee Marine with an “old school mindset” – but made an unexpected friend

The 20-year-old from Devon says he was “overwhelmed” by how “emotional” everyone was on the island

Tom Shipwrecked (C4)

Shipwrecked contestant Tom Wotton

Name: Tom Wotton


Age: 20

From: Devon

Occupation: Student and trainee Marine

Instagram: tom_wotton

Bio: Tom comes from an Army background and while studying industrial design at university is training for the Marines. He describes himself as having an “old school mindset” and from what we see in the opening episode he’s likely to be a very practical and hands-on islander.

What most surprised Tom on Shipwrecked? “I was quite overwhelmed about everyone being very emotional,” says Tom. “Everyone was crying over a packet of crisps!

“I am not used to seeing people bawl their eyes out over anything.”

Did Tom go on Shipwrecked to find love? “I don’t think anyone would find real love on a TV show to be honest.” Well, that’s a firm “no” then.

Who did Tom get close to on the island? Tom bonded most strongly with Kush, but admits the friendship surprised him.

“Stereotypically we wouldn’t be paired up as friends,” says Tom, “because I am this old school Devon guy with old values and he is a new half Indian guy from London who is into fashion.

“We are opposite sides of the world but he was absolutely brilliant.”

What else does Tom get up to? Tom is clearly an outdoorsy type, given his training for the Marines and his YouTube channel where he posts videos of his active summers.

Tom’s Instagram feed is also full of snaps of him snowboarding…


…skating (or at least posing with a skateboard)…

…and showering, obviously…

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