Love Island’s Jonny has deleted all of his social media accounts after being dumped out of the ITV2 show

The 26-year-old's flashy Instagram account has disappeared in the wake of his departure from the villa


Less than 24 hours after Love Islander Jonny packed his bags and went home, all of his social media accounts have been deleted.


In case you missed last nights episode, a cruel twist forced the two least popular Love Islanders – Jonny and Tyla – to decide which one of them should leave the show. Jonny, rather kindly, fell on his own sword.

As if it wasn’t bad enough to discover that he was one of the two least popular Love Islanders in the eyes of the public before being booted out, he then would have most likely arrived home, flipped open his Macbook Pro (presumably) and went online to find out what people have been saying about him.

For the most part, it hasn’t been good stuff.

The public switched on Jonny pretty early on, after some poorly advised takes on feminism in a row with the nation’s beloved Camilla, his former flame.

But he became enemy number one when he moved swiftly on to newcomer Tyla just as it looked as if he and Camilla might have had a chance to reignite their romance.

The press haven’t been all that kind either. Various tabloids have claimed his seemingly exposed his millionaire-like Instagram presence as a front, suggesting the fancy cars, holidays and expensive watches are all a mirage, and that he barely works at all.


Fortunately, Love Island fame doesn’t last all that long. It’ll all blow over soon, Jonny.