Love Island’s Ollie was expelled from boarding school for this weird reason

You won’t believe what Ollie got in trouble for during his school days!

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Love Island 2020 is due to set temperatures soaring this Sunday as the show returns for a fifth series.


One contestant heading into the villa this year is 23-year-old Ollie Williams – an aristocrat with an heir to the Lanhydrock estate.

At first glance, the Cornwall local might come across as squeaky clean, but there could be more than meets the eye.

Speaking to in South Africa, the young singleton appeared to hint at his wild past.

When asked about his boarding school days, Ollie smirked: “I couldn’t possibly comment on any outrageous things from various schools. I couldn’t possibly disclose.”

He did however share one awkward incident, where he was expelled from school at just age seven.

“I went off to a school and within seven weeks I was expelled. I stole this kid’s conker. I had the best conker in the school. I’d bathed it in vinegar and stuff, and he stole it. So, I got him and I shook him and my conker fell out of his pocket, and then I dropped him. That was at Mounthouse, which is a prep school,” he revealed.

It sounds like Ollie’s mischievous days might be well behind him, however, as he later insisted he won’t have sex in the villa – a promise many contestants have broken in the past.

“I’ve said I wouldn’t s**g on the show. And I’d probably try and stick with that because I know my grandmother will be watching, and she would most disagree,” he said.

So, what do his family really think about him going on the show?

“Well initially my dad actually wrote me out of his will, but he was jesting,” Ollie revealed.

“He’s very supportive. My mum is actually a massive fan of the show which is interesting because I’m not, I’ve never watched it before.”

It seems Ollie’s potential lady will have to win over his mum, who he says has given girlfriends a hard time in the past.

“Interestingly my mum’s an Essex girl. My parents met on a blind date so there’s no prejudice around who you go out with or marry,” he said.

“As long as she’s got something between her ears, that’s important. I’ve taken a few girls home, and one time I went up for shower and could hear mum talking at this girl in the living room and she wasn’t saying anything back. I was thinking: ‘She’s getting grilled, I can’t walk in there or mum will shout at me’.”


Love Island launches Sunday 12th January and continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2