Love Island Australia host on which contestants to watch out for: “He got away with it and but I kind of loved him for it”

"There are moments where you're just peeing yourself laughing."

Love Island Australia host Sophie Monk

If you’re worrying whether Love Island: Australia will be as good as our version, presenter Sophie Monk is here to reassure you.


The Aussie TV personality has been speaking exclusively to, ahead of season one coming to ITV2.

She says the Love Island: Australia cast is so funny and exciting, you won’t know what to expect next.

“I’d say series one of Love Island Australia is one of the best reality shows I’ve ever watched in Australia, not just the drama but the comedy of it,” she tells us. “You can’t believe the arguments the islanders are having, you’re just peeing yourself laughing about what they’re falling out over. I really found the show quite hilarious.

“I just remember laughing the whole way through it, the show has got all the moments you want. There’s the love and then there’s one guy, I don’t want to give anything away, but I kept thinking, ‘Are you forgetting you’re on television?! The lies you tell!’ And he got away with it and but I kind of loved him for it.”

Sophie thinks Australians have a very similar sense of humour to UK audiences, which is why the Love Island repeat will resonate with viewers in this country. “I love the British humour and Australians are really self-deprecating just like you, we call things out. We’re very quick witted like you are in the UK, it will be interesting for the British audience to watch.”

Although the series originally aired in Australia in 2018, Sophie is delighted we’re finally getting a chance to catch up now – she says the show is perfect lockdown viewing. “Love Island is not brain surgery that’s for sure, but watching young people in bikinis fall in love, for me it’s just such an escape and it reminds me of being that age. Everyone will be obsessed.”


Love Island Australia begins on ITV2 on Monday 15th June at 9pm, and airs nightly. To find out what else is on, check out our TV Guide.