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I'm a Celebrity...! campmates punished for "Smuggle-gate"

The I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! contestants had a star deducted after Caitlyn Jenner smuggled contraband corn on the cob ("corn-traband") out for Ian Wright

Published: Tuesday, 26th November 2019 at 9:57 pm

Turns out there were some consequences for "Smuggle-gate" after all, as the hungry campmates were punished for Caitlyn's cheeky act of kindness from last night's episode...


During Day 9, the campmates who previously won a roast dinner (so everyone apart from apart from Ian and newbies Cliff and Andy) were treated to a roast chicken and Yorkshire puddings at Snake Rock. Once the Snake Rock celebs returned to camp, Caitlyn sneakily passed Ian some contraband chicken and corn on the cob that she had smuggled out, which the former footballer munched on in secret — before Caitlyn admitted to the whole thing the next morning.

Last year's co-presenter Holly Willoughby was outraged by Caitlyn's rule-breaking, predicting on This Morning: "I think whatever they win from Andrew... I think the basket will come down empty or with less in and then it's all going to kick right off. If they don’t do that that's what they should do... Rules is rules."

It turned out to be a pretty perfect prediction, as the contestants faced the consequences during day 10 after Andrew won ten stars and a basket of dinner for the remaining campers — only for one of the stars to be deducted as punishment for smuggling food the previous evening.

Ian complained: “If I knew they were going to punish us I’d have ate it out in the open.”

Caitlyn jokingly commentated: “It’s a little disappointing that it went from ten stars to nine stars because of smuggling. I honestly can’t imagine anyone in this group smuggling food. I mean how low do you have to go?” 

Meanwhile Andy appeared to be feeling a little bitter that no one had smuggled food for him, dubbing the whole affair “Smuggle-gate".


"I was kind of disappointed at first," he admitted, "but once Myles started chopping stuff up and putting it into the pot we realised how much food we had and we were all absolutely made up.”


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