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Not all CBB viewers were comfortable with the 'build a wall' Trump task

Celebrity Big Brother viewers have slammed a group task which saw contestants build a Trump-inspired giant lego 'wall'

Published: Monday, 20th August 2018 at 11:26 am

Celebrity Big Brother viewers have slammed a group task which saw the show's contestants build a Trump-inspired giant 'wall'.


In a clip released on Twitter by Channel 5, 'President' Kirstie Alley orders the other contestants to build a mini-replica of the wall President Donald Trump pledged to construct along the US-Mexico border.

American Natalie Nunn and Hardeep Singh Kohli were both visibly uncomfortable with the proposed task, with Nunn flat-out refusing to participate:"I'm not, I'm just not building the wall."

Nunn also criticised Alley's Republican allegiance, later saying: "She's a f***ing Trump supporter that's what's controversy, that's why she hasn't said anything."

"The president is disgusting," she added. "I officially don't like the Big Brother House President."

Viewers have sided with Nunn on Twitter, branding the task "insensitive and offensive" and praising Nunn for not taking part.

"I respect Natalie so much for sticking to her views and expressing them and refusing to build the wall," one Twitter user said.

"[Celebrity Big Brother] building a wall as a task while there are children still in cages for trying to cross the American border. Beyond poor taste," another Twitter user wrote.


Not all viewers were uncomfortable with the Trump-wall task, however, with some tweeting their frustration at Nunn. "Oh just build that wall Natalie. It's really not a big deal is it!," one viewer said.


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