E4 release cryptic first look at Big Brother: Best Shows Ever

You are live on E4, please do not swear.

big brother

When Big Brother launched back in 2000, nobody quite understood the concept, it was a bizarre social experiment, TV had never seen anything quite like it.


Of course it instantly became a national obsession, shaped our culture and inspired endless other TV formats, as well as giving us countless unforgettable moments of telly.

So it’s a great idea for E4 to use this lockdown time to indulge in a trip down memory lane, with Davina McCall and Rylan Clark Neal reminding us of some of their favourite episodes of the ground-breaking show, before it went to Channel 5.

We’ve been excited about this since the first announcement, and now there’s finally a sneak peek of what’s to come…

The first look teaser, posted by Big Brother’s legendary narrator, Marcus ‘Day Five in the Big Brother House’ Bentley on Twitter, is only 20 seconds long, but packed full of nostalgia. Not just the theme music, that takes you straight back to the early noughties, but the soundbites reminding you of some of the show’s most iconic moments.

Remember when Jackie Stallone waltzed into the Celebrity Big Brother House in series three, shocking her former daughter in law Brigitte Nielsen? And BB7’s Queen of Tantrums Nikki Grahame exclaiming, “Who is she?!” ? And the cringe moment we’d rather forget about when politician George Galloway posed as a pussycat… ? It’s all there in the trailer, and we can’t wait to throw ourselves into the BB diary room for some reminiscing.

We’re still waiting for an air date for the show, and for further details of which episodes will be selected, but if the trailer is anything to go by this show is going to be brilliant.


Big Brother: Best Shows Ever will air on E4 soon. BigTo find out what else is on, check out our TV Guide.