Bake Off viewers relieved as everyone lives to bake another day – but lots of people saw it coming

Terry’s absence from GBBO’s Dessert Week meant nobody was kicked out of the tent – but a strange editing choice gave this away in the middle of the episode

Terry, GBBO (C4, EH)

The Great British Bake Off was one man down for Dessert Week on Tuesday night, with Terry and his wonderful moustache absent from the show due to illness.


Given Terry’s non-appearance, the judges decided it wouldn’t be fair to send anybody home, so no bakers left the tent in Week Four.

However, this means that TWO contestants are likely to get the boot next week.

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Viewers were relieved as everyone lived to bake another day – but lots of people were unsurprised by the non-elimination, partly because it has happened in previous years when a contestant has been unable to take part.

However, many also saw this “twist” coming because of a strange edit, which used footage of all the bakers celebrating together part way through the episode…



The Great British Bake Off continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4