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New ITV2 reality show Survival of the Fittest has "no restrictions" on contestants' sexuality

Presenter Laura Whitmore says the new dating series is able to be more inclusive in its casting than Love Island

Survival Of The Fittest
Published: Sunday, 11th February 2018 at 9:00 pm

Laura Whitmore has said that Survival of the Fittest is "not under any restrictions whatsoever" when it comes to contestants' sexuality.


The new show is made by the same people behind Love Island and has a strikingly similar premise, but according to presenter Whitmore it appears to have listened to some of the criticisms levelled at its ITV2 stablemate for featuring solely straight participants.

"Some of the contestants might like men and women so we’re not necessarily saying it’s just all boys/girls and they have to get with each other," Whitmore told "It’s not that at all."

On altering Love Island's all-heterosexual line-up, the former MTV host said, "I think they couldn’t, because for logistics they had to make sure there was the same number of people that would get with everyone. So it wouldn’t be as even and they’d need to do a different show completely.

Survival of the Fittest Ryan Cleary
Survival of the Fittest Ryan Cleary (ITV)

"But [with] this show we’re not under any restrictions whatsoever. So anyone can enter this show. Anyone. And that’s really exciting."


Meanwhile contestant Ryan Cleary has already said that he is fluid when it comes to relationships.

"My type would be someone who is into fitness," he said. "Also people who are good on the inside, with a good heart. I also want someone who I can have a laugh with and someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

"I fall in love with the person, so that could be a girl or boy so let’s see who is out there. If the person is right, the gender doesn’t matter. The person is the person."

Survival of the Fittest starts Sunday 11th February at 9pm on ITV2


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