Madonna went on Carpool Karaoke and revealed she once snogged Michael Jackson

Sorry, what?


In an extremely eventful Carpool Karaoke that saw Madonna’s legs getting some fresh air out of the window, the singer also humped the passenger seat, vogued in a big way, and when it came to the late Michael Jackson… there was goss.


James Corden’s road-trip soundtrack included hits like Vogue, Ray of Light and Music – you know the one, “hey mister D.J, put a record on…” What a classic.

James Corden was gobsmacked at the first “car twerk” he’d ever seen and his jaw dropped even lower when Madonna started talking about Michael Jackson.

Madonna: “So you want me to kiss and tell then, don’t you?”

James, in a whisper: Did you kiss?

Madonna: Of course

James: NO

Madonna: Of course

James: You and Michael Jackson?!

Madonna: I mean baby, I’ve been around

James: FULL French kissing?

Madonna: Yeah, tongue in mouth kissing.


Er, too much information.