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First look at tonight's episode of Long Lost Family

Last night's episode had us bawling, as usual.

Published: Tuesday, 2nd June 2020 at 3:12 pm

You can always rely on Long Lost Family to tug at your heartstrings, and last night's episode was no exception.


The foundlings special, Born Without A Trace, attracted the show's highest viewing figures since 2014, as we sat down to hear the stories of people who were born with no connections, no tracing information or clues about who they are related to. A peak of 5 million viewers tuned in last night, with more still to watch the show on catch-up.

If you're working from your home office and counting down the hours to tonight's concluding episode, we have a clip for you to enjoy on your coffee break...

Last night's episode focussed on David and Helen's stories, and tonight we meet both Simon and Fi.

Here we see one-time foundling, Simon Jeffery talking about his adoptive family and how it felt to read a shocking revelation about his family history after discovering a newspaper about an abandoned baby. Simon was left in a box outside a pub when he was a baby and finding out about this had a profound emotional impact on him, as you can see in this clip.

Hosted by Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell, Long Lost Family has an incredible success rate in reuniting families and providing people with the ancestral information they so desperately need for their own peace of mind. But there are still cases where they can't find any answers, however much research and time they devote to each and every story.

Tune in tonight to see if the show is able to shed any light on Simon's heritage, and the mother who walked away from him.


The final part of Long Lost Family: Born Without A Trace airs tonight on ITV at 9pm. To find out what else is on, check out our TV Guide.


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