Ian McKellen fills in for Patrick Stewart to help director propose to Star Trek-obsessed partner

When you can't get Captain Jean Picard, Gandalf will do...

Picture this: You decide to propose to your partner. Said partner is Star Trek-obsessed so you try and get his favourite actor Patrick Stewart to lend a helping hand. Pat is unavailable, so what’s the next best thing? His close pal Ian McKellen, of course. He may not be the Captain Jean Picard of your dreams but he’s blimming Gandalf, for goodness sake.


The twice Oscar-nominated actor has stood in to help South African director Brett Best pop the question to his boyfriend Khalid Shawwa in a YouTube proposal video thanks to Stewart’s “unavailability”.

McKellen – who officiated Stewart’s wedding to Sunny Ozell back in September – informs Khalid, “I’ve got bad news for you. It’s good news as well but the bad news is Patrick Stewart is married. I married him, I was the minister at the wedding. He’s not available.”

But… “The god news is that Brett is available. So… think it over, do the right thing.” 


And with star power like that, of course Khalid went and said yes.