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Guy Martin broke the Wall of Death speed world record live on TV last night

The British motorcyclist raced around horizontally on his motorbike to smash the previous record of 60 miles per hour

Published: Tuesday, 29th March 2016 at 7:28 am

British motorcyclist Guy Martin broke the World Record for the fastest speed travelled around a Wall of Death on a motorbike live on Channel 4 last night.


He completed the amazing feat by riding his motorcycle horizontally around a large wooden drum style arena, reaching speeds of 70.33mph to break the record – and then topped that by hitting 78mph on his second go.

It was a fairly impressive feat too, given that he only needed to hit 60mph or above to break the existing record.

All that practice must have really paid off.

He wasn’t the only one smashing world records, though.

British Bicycle Motocross racer and track cyclist Shanaze Reade set the newest record for fastest cyclist to travel around the Wall of Death too.


We think Simon here sums it up rather nicely.


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