Firefighters free YouTube star who cemented his head into microwave

The West Midland Fire Service were "seriously unimpressed" with the online prank

(Screen Shot, BA)

We’ve got a late contender for stupidest news story of the year, with less than a month left in 2017.


West Midlands Fire Service has hit out at a Youtube star after five firefighters were called to free him from a microwave into which he had willingly cemented his head.

TGFBro, a YouTube prankster whose previous stunts include setting himself in jello overnight and bathing in fake tan lotion, had filled a microwave with wet cement and placed his head inside, using a breathing tube to, you know, stay alive.

Shockingly, when the cement actually solidified, the breathing tube became somewhat redundant. The star then panicked and asked his mates to free him from his appliance prison – and when their attempts failed they called in the emergency services.

The West Midlands Fire Brigade later said they were “seriously unimpressed” with the star on Twitter, lamenting the fact that firefighters had been “tied up for an hour” by the “YouTube pranker”, when there could have actual non-stupidity related emergencies to attend to.

TGFBro seemed genuinely shook by the incident.


He claimed he had a near death experience…