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"This is possibly the BBC's finest hour" – 9 of the best reactions to Danny Dyer's Right Royal Family

Is there anything (Saint) Danny Dyer can’t do?

Published: Thursday, 24th January 2019 at 7:23 pm

Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family saw the 41-year-old explore his fairly regal family tree, after it came to light in a 2016 episode of Who Do You Think You Are? that he was a descendant of Edward III.

The new show saw Dyer discover he was also related to a saint, eat a cow’s tongue and fight a watermelon as he fully embraced the life his regal ancestors were thought to have lived.

While some were previously sniffy about Dyer fronting a programme of this sort (before having even watched it, may we add), the NTA winner turned opinions around, with viewers lapping up his documentary style.

Taking to Twitter, fans were eager to say how much they enjoyed his romp through history, with some loving it for Dyer’s utterly hilarious one-liners.

While others lauded it for being genuinely educational.

And for some it was up there with the BBC's best programming...

Speaking to at the National Television Awards this week, Dyer explained that he was “really proud” of the programme.

“I’m really proud of it actually because it’s just me learning about history with the audience and my relatives,” he said. “It’s different and it’s got something about it.”

“Some have said we’re all distantly related to Edward III because he had so many illegitimate children but I think some people just want to p*** on my parade.”

Long live King Danny Dyer. Never change.


Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family continues Wednesday at 9pm on BBC1

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