Brendan O’Carroll on dancing, Judy Murray and whether Mrs Brown would ever do Strictly

"I think it's something she would aspire to but I think if she did she'd be absolutely mad!"

The set of Mrs Brown’s Boys is a million miles away from Strictly’s glitter-covered ballroom, but the Irish clan had a taste of the glitz and glamour this year when cast member Jennifer Gibney took a turn on the floor.


Not that the dancing tips she picked up have come to much use.

“No! Absolutely not,” Brendan O’Carroll told at last night’s National Television Awards. “Dancing was never my forte and I don’t think it ever will be.”

“I think we parked that one!” added Gibney, who is married to O’Carroll but plays his daughter in the much-loved BBC1 comedy. “I’m still limping! I think my 50-year-old body said, ‘Enough, thank you.'” 

For the couple, who have been married since 2005, Strictly’s legacy is more about the pals they made. 

“We’ve made some fantastic friends with Pixie and Frankie,” says O’Carroll. “And the likes of Judy Murray. I used to look at Judy Murray sitting at Wimbledon and go, ‘Does that woman ever smile?’ and she turned out to be… one of the funniest, most generous people I’ve ever met in my life. So that was great.” 

And while dancing appears to be off the agenda for O’Carroll and Gibney, there’s a chance it isn’t for Mrs Brown herself.


“I think it’s something she would aspire to but I think if she did she’d be absolutely mad!” laughed O’Carroll.