Ben Kingsley put everything into his lip sync of Elton John’s Rocket Man

The 72-year-old went to the moon and back for this performance


Sir Ben Kingsley transformed himself into Elton John with bells on in a teaser video for Lip Sync Battle.


The knighted, Oscar-winning, Shakespearean actor did what no other 72-year-old has done before (probably): he dressed in a sleeveless jumpsuit with an enormous stand-up collar in silver, blue and red stripes that had models of the planets sticking out of the top, and pretended to perform the 1972 hit Rocket Man on a sparkly white piano.

If this wasn’t enough, Sir Ben also wore a silver skull cap, platform boots and Elton John glasses.

He looked completely and utterly absurd. What a legend.

Meanwhile, Lip Sync Battle host LL Cool J appeared to be hugging himself and swaying to the music, while Kingsley’s opponent, the actor John Cho, stood by and laughed nervously. Probably thinking something along the lines of: “How do I follow an act like that?


Lip Sync Battle begins on Spike in the US on Wednesday