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6 TV formats that deserve their very own Brexit special

Why limit ourselves to the newly-announced Wife Swap Brexit episode?

With the announcement that classic Channel 4 reality series Wife Swap is returning for a Brexit-themed special (where couples on either side of the EU Referendum debate will exchange spouses, fact fans), one question looms high in the minds of the viewing public.


No, not “why would anyone do this?” – but instead, “Which other classic TV entertainment formats would also function with a Brexit-themed instalment?”.

And so with that in mind, we've collated a list of Leave-themed one-off episode suggestions fit for any column-inch hungry broadcasters with a hankering for some of that sweet sweet Brexit topicality.

But don’t worry – there’s way less than 50 in THIS article (ba-dum tssh).

1. The Generation Game

Two generations from the same family who voted different ways in the referendum tersely snipe their way through a series of entertaining tasks, culminating in a huge shouting match when a bendy banana appears on the conveyer belt.

2. A Place in the Sun

Following the collapse of the pound against the Euro and rollback of free movement between Europe and the UK, new couples desperately scour Britain for more affordable new houses that offer slightly less inclement weather, only to sullenly give up and return home to Skegness.

3. The Apprentice

The candidates try their hand at international trading, but are so bogged down by complex new customs forms and taxes that nobody sells anything and they all blame each other. Admittedly, this is usually what happens anyway.

4. Married at First Sight

Fancy holding on to your EU citizenship? Well, this rebooted version of the Channel 4 arranged marriage series may allow you to do just that, as four new UK/EU couples are thrown together by chance, relationship experts and the looming threat of economic recession.

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5. Coach Trip

Seven couples take a scenic coach tour through Britain’s most affordable staycation destinations, taking in the culture and sights of the likes of Bournemouth, Wigan pier and Bexhill-on-Sea. But which couples will be voted off, and which will make it all the way to the final prize: an extended stay in Stockport Travelodge?

6. First Dates

This format remains much the same, but Fred has been deported.


The Wife Swap Brexit special will air on Channel 4 at a future date


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