A suspenseful new drama kicks off on Sky Atlantic tonight which offers a revealing look at how cocaine is smuggled and sold around the world.


ZeroZeroZero is based on the novel of the same name by Roberto Saviano, which follows a massive shipment of the substance and the individuals involved in the supply chain.

Dane DeHaan and Andrea Riseborough lead the English-language side of the cast as the Lynwood siblings, who become deeply involved in the dangerous illegal trade through their family's shipping company.

The role was a particularly powerful experience for DeHaan, who is portraying a man with the degenerative Huntington's disease, meeting with real sufferers of the condition to ensure accuracy.

He also told RadioTimes.com that he "didn't expect" the show's action sequences to be so practical, with filming taking place in many real locations around the world as well as utilising helicopters, cars and even a huge shipping boat.

Here you can find out more about ZeroZeroZero's impressive global shooting schedule, as well as DeHaan's response to recent rumours about a return to the Marvel Universe.

In the meantime, read on for everything you need to know about ZeroZeroZero on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV.

When is ZeroZeroZero on TV?

CONFIRMED: ZeroZeroZero will premiere on Sky Atlantic and be available as a box set on NOW TV from 4th February 2021. The series had its world premiere at 2019's Venice International Film Festival and aired internationally last year.

ZeroZeroZero cast

In the Italy storyline, Adriano Chiaramida plays Don Damiano “Minu” La Piana, whose plans to reintegrate the La Piana family back into the drug trade are resented by his grandson Stefano (played by Giuseppe De Domenico).

In Monterrey, Mexico, we meet the cocaine sellers and the army soldiers trying to bring them down, including undercover sergeant Manuel "Vampire" Contreras (Harold Torres).

In New Orleans, the prospective sellers and middle-men for the shipment are the Lynwood family, headed up by Edward Lynwood (Gabriel Byrne) and daughter Emma (Andrea Riseborough).

Edward's son Chris (Dane DeHaan) has Huntingdon's disease, and is initially dismissed when he makes a bid to get involved in the family business. However, his prodigious lip-reading skills may well prove useful.

What is ZeroZeroZero about?

“Powder. That’s all you see when you look at cocaine. But look closer, and you see a whole network. Buyers. Sellers. Brokers. Users; entangled into our daily lives.”

The opening lines for ZeroZeroZero tell you all you need to know about this sprawling (and occasionally confusing) drama, as we follow three "entangled" storylines playing out in three separate countries, dramatising the cocaine supply chain.

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It's a non-linear series, so we bounce back and forth between timelines as we follow a single shipment of cocaine and its progression from New Orleans to its intended destination, Italy.


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