If you followed You Don't Know Me from the very beginning, you were probably expecting all of the loose ends to be tied up in the finale, which aired last night (13th December) on BBC One.


The four-part thriller, which was adapted from Imran Mahmood's novel of the same name, revolves around Hero, a young man who is dragged into a criminal underworld of drugs, guns and murder when Kyra, the woman he loves, vanishes unexpectedly.

Hero's search for her leads him to Camden, where he discovers that Kyra is carrying out sex work to pay off a debt that her imprisoned brother owes to a gang who go by the name of Glockz. Despite Kyra's pleas for him to leave and the deadly threat he faces by refusing to abandon her, Hero chooses to stick with Kyra – a decision which turns his life as he once knew it on its head.

Glockz's hunt for Kyra leads them to south London, where Hero and his family are based, as is Jamil and his own drug operation. He demands that Hero do as the north London gang demand and leave Kyra to them so that his illicit scheme is not negatively impacted. But once again, Hero refuses to walk away from Kyra.

Instead, he tries to link her disappearance to Jamil, but that backfires spectacularly and the drug dealer, who is furious that Hero tried to double-cross him, demands that he help him recoup his losses, or face the consequences.

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You Don't Know Me - Samuel Adewunmi and Roger Jean Nsengiyumva
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After being shot and almost killed previously by Kyra at an imitation trap house following another of Hero's plans that spirals wildly out of control, Jamil points his gun at Kyra and it looks like her time is finally up. But after a violent struggle breaks out, it's Jamil who winds up dead, killed by none other than Bless, Hero's sister.

Hero and Kyra draw up a plan to ensure that Bless isn't held accountable for her horrifying mistake, which sees our protagonist on trial for Jamil's murder. But rather than tell us whether he was found guilty or not guilty, You Don't Know Me explores both outcomes and we're left none the wiser.

Will Hero spend his life, or certainly a large chunk of it, behind bars? Or does he jet off to warmer climes to be reunited with Kyra?

We asked RadioTimes.com readers how they believe it all played out and a commanding 74 per cent of more than 5,600 fans think that the jury trusted Hero's account and he was found not guilty.

The other 26 per cent believe that Hero, despite his best efforts, is looking at a long stretch behind bars.

You Don't Know Me is available to stream now on BBC iPlayer.

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