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BBC1's The Capture: Is Shaun guilty, and where is Hannah?

All the questions that need answering following episode one of BBC1's conspiracy thriller, starring Holliday Grainger and Callum Turner

The Capture
Published: Wednesday, 4th September 2019 at 3:27 pm

In a world where we're supposedly only ever a few feet away from a CCTV camera, can we always trust the video footage they produce? That's the issue at the heart of BBC1's conspiracy thriller, which follows an ex-soldier who may or may not be guilty of a terrible crime.


The series is packed full of twists, and episode one left us on the edge of our seats — and we've already got a list of questions that will keep us guessing...

*Warning: spoilers ahead for The Capture episode one*

Did Shaun Emery shoot a man in Afghanistan in cold blood?

Callum Turner in The Capture

At the beginning of the series, we see a young soldier, Shaun Emery (Callum Turner), attending an appeal hearing to try and overturn his conviction for murdering an Afghani in cold blood.

His barrister, Hannah Roberts (Laura Haddock), successfully argues that there was a lag with the audio in the incriminating video of the incident. The original video of Shaun presented by the prosecution apparently showed him shooting dead an Afghani man, and only shouting a warning after he realised a body camera was directed towards him.

However, with the time lag factored in, Hannah argues that the video could show Shaun shouting a warning to the man before shooting — which results in Shaun's conviction being overturned.

So the question is whether or not we can trust that there was an audio lag with the body camera after all...

Where is Hannah Roberts, and did Shaun Emery attack or kill her?

Laura Haddock plays Hannah Roberts in The Capture

Just hours after his conviction for murder is overturned, Shaun finds himself arrested again for a different crime — and it seems that there's CCTV footage to prove it.

Shaun is accused of kidnapping Hannah Roberts, his barrister, with footage showing the pair kissing before the ex-soldier prevents Hannah from getting on her bus and drags her by the hair to his car.

However, when the Homicide department arrive, Hannah isn't in the car (alive or dead) and when shown the incriminating footage from the night, Shaun can only remember the kiss, and insists that Hannah did get on her bus. In visible distress, Shaun appears to have flashbacks to dragging Hannah away — but are they real, or imagined?

At the end of the episode, Homicide appear to have identified where Shaun could have dumped Hannah's body in the Thames — but is she really dead, and if not, what happened to her?

Why did DI Rachel Carey move teams?

Holliday Grainger (Rachel Carey) in The Capture - coming soon to BBC One

When we meet DI Rachel Carey (Holliday Grainger) she's just joined the Homicide department, and she's already ruffling a few feathers there, as colleagues adjust to being bossed around by the career-hungry DI.

The young Detective Inspector is on the fast track scheme within the police, and after cutting her teeth in Counter Terrorism, she's been promoted and moved to Homicide, although it's clear that she can't wait to return to her old, better-funded department once she's proven that she can handle a high-profile case.

“She’s a fish out of water at the beginning, trying to prove her worth to the really experienced people around her. Rachel’s ambitious and focused – she’s definitely career-hungry,” Grainger says of her character.

What’s going on with DI Rachel Carey and Commander Danny Hart?

Ben Miles plays Danny Hart

When we first see Commander Danny Hart (Ben Miles) and DI Rachel Carey together, they're accompanied by Counter Terrorism colleagues and waiting for the verdict on a recent court case. There's obviously chemistry between the pair, but it's only later in episode one that we learn that Rachel and her former (married) boss have been having an affair.

However, the pair are now calling quits on the affair. "It’s a symptom of how much Rachel’s life has revolved around her police work, and the excitement and the power within that, that she’s ended up in a relationship with her boss," Grainger said of her character's affair. "Rachel’s leaving his unit, so they are no longer going to be working day to day and therefore she’s breaking it off to start a new chapter in a new department.”


The Capture began on Tuesday 3rd September on BBC1 at 9pm. It continues on Tuesdays at 9pm.


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