Rayna James flatlines in first glimpse of Nashville series two

The new footage teasing the return of the hit country music drama features the aftermath of Rayna and Deacon's car crash cliffhanger

If rumours are to be believed, the decision to green-light Nashville series went down to the wire, with the cast left to sweat until mid-May before hearing their fate. But with a clutch of cliffhangers leaving the show’s fans on tenterhooks, studio bosses would have faced a public outcry had they made the decision not to go ahead. 


One such storyline was the dramatic car crash that left Rayna’s Chelsea tractor a heap of twisted metal with her and former lover Deacon trapped inside. The first footage of series two shows what happens next – and it ain’t pretty…

After dragging an unconscious Rayna (Connie Britton) from the wreckage of her car, Deacon (Charles Esten) can then be seen watching over her hospital bed asking, “Is she going to die?”

And as usual, Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) isn’t exactly feeling sympathetic. “Now I have to compete with a saint in a coma,” she rants, bemoaning her chart rival’s life-threatening predicament. Meanwhile Gunnar (Sam Palladio), who was last seen proposing to his girlfiend, Scarlett (Clare Bowen), is sharing a cheeky snog with an unidentified female, before the camera cuts to Scar’s frowning expression (a look we got all too used to seeing last series…) Ooh-er. 


The 30-second clip teases the start of the new season which is due to air in the US from Wednesday 25 September. Nashville will return to More4 in the UK, with a broadcast date yet to be confirmed.