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Peaky Blinders gets its highest audience figures ever

The Brummie-based gangster drama has opened to some of its biggest viewing figures yet

Cillian Murphy (Tommy Shelby)
Published: Tuesday, 3rd September 2019 at 10:52 am

It looks set to be one of the most intense series’ of Peaky Blinders yet, as Tommy Shelby and his gang negotiate their way through the slippery corridors of power.


And it seems us as an audience can’t get enough of the violent drama, with the BBC confirming the latest series opened to its highest consolidated viewing figures yet.

The BBC Press Office has confirmed that across all TV and online device viewing, the fifth series launched to an audience of 6.2 million.

It’s a significant jump from series four, which had on average 3.3 million viewers for the series when it first aired on BBC 2 in 2017; still making it the channel’s most-watched drama at the time.

The fifth series marks the first time Peaky Blinders has aired on BBC 1, earning itself at a prime time Sunday night slot.

And Peaky Binders has shown no signs of softening its graphic gang violence.

We may only be three episodes in, but so far we’ve seen Bonnie Gold (Jack Rowan) crucified and shot by the ruthless Billy Boys.

As revenge, hitman for hire Aberama Gold (Aidan Gillen) poured boiling hot tar in the mouth of a Billy Boy.

Writer Steven Knight previously warned that charismatic fascist politician Oswald Mosley, played by Sam Claflin, is one of the most malicious rivals the Shelby family has ever had to face.

“Tommy Shelby faces the darkest force he has ever faced and his struggle is as relevant today as it was then,” Knight explained at a screening for the new series in London.

“The things that were happening in the time that we’re setting the series have an unbelievable resonance to what’s going on now.”


Peaky Blinders continues Sundays at 9pm on BBC 1


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