Brianna and Roger’s Outlander Christmas kiss wasn’t as romantic as you’d think

Actress Sophie Skelton reveals something fishy threatened to ruin the mood on set

Brianna Randall Outlander

Outlander’s Roger and Brianna may have delighted fans with a passionate festive smooch in the fifth episode of season three, but actress Sophie Skelton tells that their Christmas kiss wasn’t as romantic as it may have seemed.


‘Freedom & Whisky’ saw Roger come to Boston for an American Christmas – complete with Boston cream pies and lobster rolls – and actor Richard Rankin apparently wasted no time in tucking into the festive delicacies.

“Richard Rankin, on that kissing scene thought it would be hilarious to eat lobster and tuna,” Skelton laughed. “Fans may think this this is a very romantic fiery scene but it actually just smelled of lobster and fish.”

“My face was full of fish,” Rankin proudly admitted. “Take after take of lobster roll. There was some in my teeth!”

The pair locked lips for the second time this series after helping Brianna’s mother, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) to prepare for a trip back in time to find her lost husband, Jamie, leaving us all to wonder what will happen to them next.

Showrunner Ron Moore admits that Roger and Brianna are not actually in season three as much as we might think, which suggests that we could have to wait until season four – based on Gabaldon’s Drums of Autumn – to find out how their story unfolds.

“The scope really widens in Drums of Autumn. It’s a brilliant book and it just becomes much bigger; not just for us but as a whole, the story as a whole just becomes epic,” Rankin told Skelton said it’s the duo’s favourite of the series so far and is excited to see which elements of Roger and Brianna’s story are incorporated.

“You’ve only really seen a couple of layers of them, individually and together. It really does blossom a lot in terms of their characters and their relationship. That’ll be a nice thing going forward in terms of just watching that and seeing more of them,” she explained.

Could their future involve a run-in between Brianna’s father, Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and love-interest Roger?

“The day may never come but I imagine, in my head, if Roger ever were to meet Jamie Fraser it would be a very pleasant encounter,” Rankin mused. “Hands would be shook, they would maybe sit down, have a whisky, and have a chat about Roger’s intentions towards Brianna.”


“In my head that’s how it’s going to go,” Rankin said. “I think they would find a lot of mutual ground, maybe play a game of chess.”

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