Noel Clarke confirms Kidulthood TV series is on the way

The writer/director shared the news on Twitter

Noel Clarke

Kidulthood writer/director Noel Clarke has confirmed that he is working on a TV series based on the popular British film trilogy.


The filmmaker, who also starred as troubled youth Sam Peel, made the announcement with a video on Twitter, giving us a glimpse of the first script of the series, and also revealing that the episode will be called Kidolescence. Check it out below.

Clarke had teased the announcement on Saturday, promising to share an opportunity for young actors:

While very few details have been revealed about the series thus far, it seems likely that the series will feature an entirely new cast, if the slogan of “new world, new rules, new problems” which appears on the script, and Clarke’s assurance that there would be “a lot of opportunity [sic] for new talent” are anything to go by.

Kidulthood (2006) centered around a group of teenagers in inner-west London, led by bully Sam Peel. It was followed up by two sequels, which tracked the later stages of Peel’s life, Adulthood in 2008 and Brotherhood in 2016.


There is no word on which TV channel, if any, is involved in the project yet.