New year, new look for Call The Midwife series 5

Trixie, Barbara and Patsy are back in this first trailer for Call the Midwife's fifth season...


We don’t have long to wait until the arrival of Call the Midwife’s fifth series. Trixie, Patsy and co are poised to cycle back onto our telly screens later this month, complete with a brand new look.


Don’t panic, they haven’t ditched their iconic red cardigans or started segwaying around Poplar, but the Nonnatus nurses have had a stylish makeover, swapping their ill-fitting dresses for a more flattering cut.

They also have a run-in with lycra, when Trixie starts running an aerobics class in an attempt to teach the women of Poplar about their bodies.

Of course, there is more to Midwife than pretty period dress. This first 30-second trailer hints at the devastating effects of Thalidomide, the drug Dr Turner was seen prescribing at the end of series four. Meanwhile, Patsy’s fledging romance comes under the spotlight when Delia and her mum visit Nonnatus for a slice of Easter simnel cake…


Call the Midwife will be back on BBC1 later this month