Will there be a second series of the Mallorca Files?

The first series only finished airing this week

The Mallorca Files

Dropping in the bleak mid-winter, The Mallorca Files unsurprisingly proved to be a daytime hit with its sunny Spanish backdrop, feel-good crime-solving and contrasting but compatible leads.


Such a big hit in fact, that a second series has already been commissioned.

Filming has started on series two of the breezy cop drama, with another ten episodes penned by Trust Me’s Dan Sefton set to air in 2020.

Key cast members Elen Rhys and Julian Looman will return as bickering double act Miranda Blake and Max Winter, with Maria Fernández-Ache also back as their fiery Police Chief Ines Villegas. This time however they’ll be joined by some familiar faces – Eastenders’ Phil Daniels and Broadchurch’s Josette Simon will guest star as new characters getting caught up in some international crime.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be back filming series two of the Mallorca Files,” said Elen Rhys. “Being recommissioned is a huge show of faith and testament to all the hard work and heart the creatives, cast and crew have poured into the show. Miranda Blake has a good few crimes to solve yet!”

“Getting a second series so soon is a great reward for all the passion, heart and fun we have put into playing the fantastic characters of Max and Miranda,” said Julian Looman. “We are hugely grateful for the trust the BBC and the production teams have shown in committing to this second season and we look forward to showcasing audiences more of Max and Miranda’s adventures.”

The show follows introvert Miranda Blake and maverick German Max Winter, two mismatched cops who solve crimes on the glamorous and multicultural island of Mallorca.


Series 1 of The Mallorca Files is available on BBC iPlayer