London Kills follows a murder squad in the capital led by DI David Bradford (Hugo Speer).


Each episode focuses on a different case, with one overarching story about David’s wife, Sarah, who went missing at the beginning of series one and who he’s been searching for ever since.

Will there be a third series of London Kills?

There has been no official announcement from the BBC yet about whether this gripping daytime drama will return. Watch this space!

However, at the end of series two (*slight spoiler alert!*) we did finally have a conclusion to the 'where is Sarah?' storyline. Does that mean this is the end for our quartet of detectives? Or could they come back for more?

What has happened so far in London Kills?

Hugo Speer - London Kills

The final episode of series two saw David finally discover where his wife Sarah had been all this time.

His colleague, Detective Rob Brady (Bailey Patrick), revealed he had a source that claimed to have seen Sarah still alive but being held against her will in a basement while he was committing a burglary.

David rushed to the address to find an abandoned baby and a body in the freezer. The body in the deep-freeze turns out to be Phoebe, the owner of the house and the mother of the infant.

She lived with her brother, Philip, who suffers from mental health issues – but who was able to explain how he met Sarah. And most importantly, he could reveal where she was now.

The team raced to the graveyard where Philip left the drugged Sarah, and found her alive – but only just.

Who is in the cast of London Kills?

DI David Bradford – Hugo Speer

DS Vivienne Cole – Sharon Small

Detective Rob Brady – Bailey Patrick


Trainee Detective Constable Billie Fitzgerald – Tori Allen-Martin