While AC-12's office is generally well-staffed, with plenty of employees sitting at desks and going to meetings and turning up to briefings, few of them ever seem to get much screen-time. But in Line of Duty season six, we meet a new recruit to the team – and it looks like she is going to be important.


Shalom Brune-Franklin stars as DC Chloe Bishop, who features heavily in the Line of Duty trailer. Here's what you need to know.

Who is AC-12 newcomer DC Chloe Bishop?

As Shalom Brune-Franklin puts it: "Like anyone starting a new job, she’s so eager to prove to her bosses that she was the right choice. She’s incredibly hardworking and we can see she’s really trying to impress. She’s on a journey to capture bent coppers!"

Who is actress Shalom Brune-Franklin?

The 26-year-old actress was born in England, to a Mauritian mother and a Thai-English father, according to an interview with Perth Now. She moved with her family to Australia when she was 14 years old, and speaks with an Australian accent (although in Line of Duty she brings out her English accent to play Chloe).

She already has plenty of TV roles under her belt, having appeared as Rose Dietl in Roadkill, Sister Ingraine in Cursed, Maisie Richards in Our Girl, and Bindy in Bad Mothers. Other credits include The State, Doctor Doctor, and a small appearance in Thor: Ragnarok.

Shalom Brune-Franklin plays Rose Dietl in Roadkill
Shalom Brune-Franklin played Rose Dietl in Roadkill (BBC)

But a part in the Line of Duty cast was a dream.

"I remember receiving an email that said ‘LOD6’ and I thought oh it’s an audition for a show called ‘Lod’," she recalls. "It didn’t click in my head that it was Line of Duty. I opened the email and I saw the words ‘Anti-Corruption Unit 12’ and I shrieked. I freaked out. I was so nervous but there were so many lines to learn that in a way, it took away my nerves. It was mad.

"I was such a fan of the show and it was such a surreal experience to get to walk onto the set of something you are already such a huge fan of. I was over the moon to get the job! Line of Duty has so many people in it creatively that I look up to and admire. To be a part of that is quite unbelievable."

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She adds: "I remember walking onto set and seeing the glass box [interview room] and there was part of me that wanted to fan girl and scream. The other half was thinking that I had been hired to do a job, you need to calm down and do justice to the scene. I was quite surprised at how quickly I felt I was part of it, but I still do feel like a fan girl.

"It was so nice to have everyone be so reassuring. Martin Compston especially was so good and reassured me that although it looked like a mountain, it will get done! I have never experienced having to retain that much information ever."

DC Chloe Bishop with DS Steve Arnott in Line of Duty S6
DC Chloe Bishop with DS Steve Arnott in Line of Duty S6 (BBC)

Is DC Chloe Bishop a permanent member of AC-12?

After what happened to DC Georgia Trotman (Jessica Raine), who was introduced as a new member of AC-12 in season two before being thrown to her death from a hospital window by the end of episode one, we are a little wary of getting immediately attached to new recruits.

But Brune-Franklin is giving nothing away about whether a similar fate might await Chloe, or if she's here to stay.

"I don't even know if I'm allowed to answer," she RadioTimes.com and other press in an interview before the first episode. "I don't know!"

Still, Martin Compston added: "From our point of view, Shalom's been a phenomenal addition to the team. I think as well we've sort of been doing it that long, so in some ways it's the younger generation coming through - we're looking all old and bitter, and Shalom's– she's just come on with such a natural enthusiasm."


From 21st March, Line of Duty airs on Sundays at 9pm on BBC One. Take a look at the rest of our Drama coverage, or check out what else is on with our TV guide.