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Jodie Comer answers our burning questions after Thirteen episode 2

Who better to ask about the gripping new BBC drama than the leading lady herself?

Published: Thursday, 14th September 2017 at 12:00 pm



Ivy's spent quite a bit of her time out of captivity getting close to teenage crush Tim, but he wasn't exactly forthcoming about one teeny, tiny thing: he's married now, to Yazz.

And when Ivy found out at the end of episode two, she wasn't thrilled about it.

“To be honest, I think in Ivy’s head, her life isn’t the only thing that’s been on pause; her ageing process has been as well," says leading lady Jodie Comer.

"With Ivy, it’s just the simple thing of ‘People shouldn’t lie'. You know when you’re told when you’re a kid, ‘Don’t tell lies because that’s naughty.'. I think when she finds that out she’s like, 'Why are people lying to me?' And that kind of rolls over into everything then.

"It’s this whole big thing about lying that infuriates her. She’s like, “Why can’t people just be honest and tell the truth?” the actress continues.

"I think that shows a real innocence about her but I think she handles the situation in quite an adult way. It’s hard for her to deal with it at first, but after a little bit of time I think she does handle it really really well."

We know that Lisa and Elliot have history – and quite possibly had a future until Ivy turned up.

She seems to have come between the pair, bringing out the good cop/bad cop dynamic and forcing them to ask questions of each other.

But is Ivy really trying to steal Elliot's affections?

"She’s been with Mark White for thirteen years. She escapes captivity and the first person who shows some empathy towards her, shows support and actually maybe possibly believes that she’s telling the truth is Elliot," says Comer. "And I think this is something she’s never experienced before so I think she completely opens herself up for that."

With that in mind, is Ivy trying to keep the police officer for herself? Is she pushing him away from his professional – and potentially personal – partner?

"She becomes aware of Lisa’s and Elliot’s relationship, y’know, their intimacy and their interactions between each other and that’s also something that Ivy’s never been around. This communication between a man and a woman. You know it’s all completely new to her," the actress explains.

"Ivy does get really defensive towards Lisa, because Lisa was the one who was like, “You’re alleged to be Ivy” and she's like, “Hang on, you don’t believe a word that I’m saying”.

So she automatically gets her back up about that. And even when I watched it I was like, ‘Oh my god she is HORRIBLE,’ because she’s so intrusive and there just seems to be no sympathy there."

But Comer's not totally on Ivy's side either.

"Don’t get me wrong, I do think Ivy has her way and she does know how to manipulate people and situations so I do think she does play on that in certain circumstances."

As soon as word of Mark White working at the school reached his ears, the headmaster was straight on the blower to Mrs Moxam. She promptly broke down in tears and refused ALL his calls.

But why? That doesn't exactly reek of friend scorned, but screams, "THEY MUST HAVE BEEN HAVING AN AFFAIR" - doesn't it?

Comer's only got one thing to say: "Everyone’s got secrets in the show.”

We know she was the one Ivy was due to meet on the day she went missing – at least that's what Ivy's told us anyway.

But when Eloise sees her pal for the first time in thirteen years, she almost seems afraid of her. What's El hiding? And why, oh why, is she so worried about seeing Ivy again?

"That’s a BIG secret", teases Comer. "Throughout the whole story you see characters blame themselves for what happened to Ivy and [Eloise's fear] is to do with Eloise's story of 'the day'."

Guess it will be a while before we find out what REALLY happened...

If there's one thing we do know when it comes to Ivy's relationship with Mark White, it's that it's complicated.

And her lies have left us wondering if she's really doing everything she can to help find missing Phoebe.

Is she keeping secrets that could help the police find the little girl?

Comer is keeping mum, but does have a cryptic answer for us: "I’ll be quite interested to see how people react to Ivy over the next couple of episodes because I do think it will shift quite a bit back and forth," she teases.

"It's going to be a bumpy ride."


Last updated on 14 September 2017


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