Jason Isaacs responds to fan campaign to #SaveTheOA: “Don’t give up!”

The Harry Potter actor played Dr 'Hap' in the cult Netflix sci-fi show


Our universe’s version of Jason Isaacs has responded to the growing fan campaign to revive cancelled Netflix series The OA.


Since it was announced the reality-hopping drama – in which Isaacs played Dr Hunter Aloysius ‘Hap’ Percy – would not receive a third season, fans in the #SaveTheOA movement have bombarded the streaming service on social media.

Addressing those pushing for the show’s renewal via US TV show New York Live, Isaacs told fans: “We love you. We appreciate you. We loved making this show.

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I got to be part of it for two years. It’s rare that something comes along after 30 odd years – I felt completely reinvigorated and fell in love with storytelling again. It touched people in very profound ways. We see you, we feel you, we’re moved by you.”

He added: “Don’t give up! If you love it, it’s formed a community. These people have each other now!”

Isaacs’ comments come after he delivered a lengthy note in early August explaining his love for the show, praising its “beauty, humanity and fearlessly creative boldness”.

“Farewell Prairie, who I loved, Homer, who I feared, Steve, who confused me, Scott, Rachel and Renata who I hoped would forgive me and understand in time, somewhere,” he wrote.

“If you haven’t see #TheOA on #Netflix you should. There’ll be no new seasons, sadly, but by god we burned bright.”

Teasing what could have been, Jason added: “Amongst the many regrets of being cancelled, possibly the biggest is that you won’t all get to know just how satisfying and exciting and moving and just downright f***ing brilliant the other chapters would have been.”

The sci-fi mystery show followed Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling), a missing blind woman who suddenly reappears with her sight returned after disappearing for seven years. Referring to herself as ‘The Original Angel’, Johnson decides to assemble a team to rescue those who have also disappeared by opening a portal to another dimension.

The show’s second (and currently last) season finished with a mind-warpingly meta ending, with actor Kingsley Ben-Adir (who played private detective Karim Washington) previously promising a “crazy” third season.

“I know where it’s going in the next season, which is NUTS! Like, unimaginable! Genuinely! Like, not even in a way I’m trying to sell it – It’s crazy!” he told RadioTimes.com.

“You think it goes there, but then it goes [starts pointing frantically] there and there and then there!”

Isaacs added: “[The OA co-creators Marling and Zal Batmanglij], believe me, have thought about everything. Everybody will be rewarded by the time we reach the end of the journey.”


The OA is currently available to stream on Netflix