Here’s the trailer for Hayley Atwell’s post-Agent Carter series

Conviction also contains the Marvel/Friends crossover you never knew you wanted


Fresh from the sad news that much beloved superhero TV spin-off Agent Carter has been cancelled, star Hayley Atwell has already found a new gig – and she’s done playing nice.


In fact, as the first trailer for her new drama Conviction shows, she’s ready for a complete change of heart as a former First Daughter-turned-hard partying wastrel. That is, until she gets arrested and has to work for an organisation that overturns wrongful convictions.

Sure, it’s all a bit glossy and unintentionally funny at times – the official series description describes actor Eddie Cahill as playing “her sexy nemesis” – but frankly until Netflix or somebody pick up Agent Carter we’ll happily watch Hayley Atwell in anything at this point.


Plus, who doesn’t want to see what Tag from friends is up to now (yes, that’s him as the district attorney, and yes time will claim us all to old age and eventually the grave)? Really, it’s a feast of delights.