Petition to bring back GLOW gets thousands of signatures as stars pitch for movie to wrap up series

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling aren't going down without a fight.

Betty Gilpin and Alison Brie in Netflix series GLOW

A petition has been launched to save Netflix wrestling drama GLOW, which was unexpectedly cancelled this week due to complications caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


Fans were deeply disappointed by the shock announcement, especially given that the show’s fourth and final season had already started filming earlier this year, before production was halted as COVID-19 began to spread.

A petition started on is hoping to persuade Netflix to reverse its cancellation and bring back the show for its farewell episodes, wrapping up the cliffhanger left by the season three finale.

At the time of writing, the campaign has already attracted more than 3,000 signatures, but many more will be needed if the streaming service is to take notice.

The reasons for GLOW’s cancellation were both financial and logistical, put down to the mounting cost of maintaining sets during hiatus and the safety concerns that come with filming wrestling scenes during a pandemic.

Nevertheless, star Marc Maron has suggested that Netflix give the creators a two-hour movie that would provide GLOW fans with a satisfying ending for the characters they have come to love.

“That would take the financial pressure off and the writers could play it out, we could shoot it out,” he said in a live Instagram video.

“The thing about shooting a movie is that when you have the whole shooting script you can be economical about your shooting. I think they could do it in less time than it would take to shoot the show.”

Co-star Kate Nash came out in support of Maron’s idea in a recent tweet, encouraging fans to help spread the word about the campaign to #SaveGLOW.

Numerous axed television shows have been the subject of fan campaigns in the past, some of which have proven effective; for example, Lucifer was granted an additional three seasons on Netflix after a premature cancellation by FOX.


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