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Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner felt like trapped Sansa Stark when her parents turned off the Wi-Fi

Even Hollywood stars have #firstworldproblems

Published: Saturday, 5th March 2016 at 7:55 am

Remember when Sansa Stark was stuck in that castle at Winterfell, under the watchful eye of evil Ramsay Bolton?


Well, that was almost as bad as not having Wi-Fi – according to Sophie Turner at least.

The Game of Thrones actress took to Twitter to reveal that despite the rise to fame and her upcoming X-Men debut, she's still suffering from #firstworldproblems.

Like a lack of 4G internet.

Oh Sophie. We've all been there.

Turner took a trip home to her parents' house and discovered that they had an interesting strategy for evening relaxation.

She was having none of it though, and decided there was only one solution.

We hope Gewndoline Christie's watching, with a mobile internet dongle handy to save Lady Sansa's social media life.


And while we're talking Game of Thrones, does the candle mean Jon Snow's ACTUALLY alive? Guess we'll have to wait until April to find out.


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