Game of Cards anyone? Frank Underwood wreaks havoc in Westeros in new parody

The House of Cards character tries to secure his seat on the Iron Throne in new Game of Thrones parody

House of Thrones, Game of Cards…


Frank Underwood is coming face to face with the residents of Westeros in a new parody video which sees the worlds of House of Cards and Game of Thrones collide. 

The manipulative politician from hit Netflix original series House of Cards is clearly fed up of fighting for power in the The White House and has headed off for the Seven Kingdoms to try his luck at securing the Iron Throne, instead. 

The wily senator successfully knocks off a number of would-be successors, cutting of Jaime’s remaining hand, pushing Jon Snow off the Wall and giving Arya a very unflattering haircut. 

The entire parody comes courtesy of American sandwich company Quiznos, who throw in a quick plug at King Joffrey’s wedding. It’s a lot of effort to go to just to sell sandwiches, but we’re mighty glad they did. 

Game of Thrones returns on Monday 7 April on Sky Atlantic.