Did Game of Thrones hide Jon Snow’s future storylines in episode titles?

If you look back at Game of Thrones season 1, Kit Harington’s storyline was clear...


Game of Thrones is a show that loves teasing future events, from the secrets of the Tower of Joy to Cersei’s burning down of the Great Sept of Baelor with wildfire (both of which were foreshadowed several times this year) – but is it possible that the HBO series told us Jon Snow’s entire storyline five years ago, including how the saga will eventually end for the new King in the North?


That’s the theory put forward by redditor snowylocks (great name), with the fan pointing out that the episode titles for Game of Thrones’ first season seem to tie quite nicely with Jon Snow’s journey thus far – and possibly into future seasons. Spoilers ahead…

Some of these explanations work better than others, admittedly, but with a little adjustment we think the theory still holds up. After all, couldn’t the episode called “The Wolf and the Lion” instead refer to the two new rulers crowned in Westeros in this year’s season finale, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Cersei Lannister (Emilia Clarke)? That would take us to around halfway through this timeline, with the next episode title “A Golden Crown” possibly referring to Jon’s acceptance of his new role as King in the North in season 7.

Sure, chapters in Jon’s life called “The Pointy End” and “Baelor” might be a bit of a stretch and it’s far more likely that this whole thing is a coincidence, but we wouldn’t put it past the sneaky showrunners to have been hiding references to Jon’s future all this time even if they were a bit vague and obscure. This is Game of Thrones, after all.

And frankly, if Jon’s story ends with Fire and Blood we can’t wait to see it. The next few series can’t come soon enough.


Game of Thrones will return next year