With Netflix's Money Heist gaining international attention on Netflix, Amazon are hoisting the sails on their own Spanish series Boundless. A co-production with Spanish broadcaster RTVE, the big-budget historical epic will recreate the first attempt to prove the world was round – a topic still contested 500 years later…


Here's everything we know about Boundless.

When is Boundless on Amazon Prime Video?

The swashbuckling series is set to release sometime in 2021.

Who is in the cast of Boundless?

No cast members have been announced just yet, though the series will likely be casting native Spanish speakers.

What is Boundless about?

Boundless will dramatise the 16th Century voyage of Spain's Juan Sebastián Elcano and Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who attempted to circumnavigate the world to disprove the widely held belief that the Earth was flat. However, of the 239 men and five ships that set off, only eight sailors returned on the one surviving vessel the Nao Victoria.

No expense looks to be spared as the Victoria and Trinidad ships will be reconstructed, and a replica of the Nao Victoria - the first ship to circle the globe - will be used by the production. Filming will also take place in summer 2020 at key historical locations the Dominican Republic, the Canaries and the Basque Country (as well as the UK's very own, somewhat less exotic Pinewood Studios).

The series will be directed by Simon West, who is no stranger to big budgets having helmed blockbusters Con Air and The Expendables 2.

Ricardo Cabornero, head of Prime Video Content, Amazon Spain, said: “We are excited to participate in a project of this scale in which one of history’s most incredible journeys will be brought to many people around the world through Amazon Prime Video.

"The series, directed by renowned director Simon West, will count with all technical resources to be a production full of action and epic.”


How can I watch Boundless?

All four episodes of Boundless will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.