Behind the scenes footage proves there was nothing fake about that epic Sherlock explosion

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman almost met a fiery end in the series finale – and there was no CGI involved in creating the flames...


Cast your mind back to last Sunday and you’ll recall Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes and John Watson almost met a very sticky end thanks to a drone rigged with explosives that secret Holmes sister Eurus flew into 221b Baker Street.


Logic suggests that the Sherlock team were never going to kill off their leading trio, but it was still a tense moment watching them plot their escape from near-certain death – although personally we were more worried about the fate of hoovering rockstar Mrs Hudson downstairs…

It was down to the special effects team to cook up exactly how such an explosive twist would reach our screens and since the episode aired, they’ve been sharing the tricks of their trade. Like this behind-the-scenes footage, tweeted by Sherlock’s special effects supervisor Danny Hargreaves, which proves that no CGI was employed in illustrating Sherlock and Watson’s death-defying leap from the 221b windows.

Quite how they landed is another matter, but the 30-second video shows two stunt men hurling themselves from a rigged-up building facade surrounded by an alarming amount of fire.


And if you need a reminder of the dramatic moment itself, take a look below…