Arya’s life is still really really terrible in this Game of Thrones season six clip

But never fear – Sam and Gilly are on their way to her


Last time we saw Maisie Williams’ Arya in Game of Thrones she was having a terrible old time of it, forced to wash floors and endure cryptic riddles before going blind – and if this preview clip from the fantasy drama’s sixth series is anything to go by, things haven’t improved much for her.


Yes, she’s still being beaten up by Faye Marsay’s Waif, though now she’s having to go full Daredevil and fight her off without the use of sight.

Still, she might have some assistance heading towards her in the form of Sam and Gilly (John Bradley and Hannah Murray), who are heading in her direction after leaving Castle Black last season.

Sure, in this preview clip Sam looks too seasick to do anything, but he’s Sam the Slayer. We’re sure Arya has nothing to worry about with him on the way. Yep, it’s all plain sailing from hereon out, no question.


Game of Thrones returns to HBO and Sky Atlantic on the 24th April