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11 urgent questions we have after watching the new Gilmore Girls trailer

It is almost time to head back to Stars Hollow, but a new trailer raises more questions than it answers

Published: Tuesday, 25th October 2016 at 4:18 pm

With one month to go before Gilmore Girls makes its return, Netflix have treated fans to a full trailer. We laughed, we cried - and then we dissected it.


Here are the questions we urgently need answered:

1. Why does Rory feel like her career never took off?


The last time we saw Rory she was heading off to cover Barack Obama's electoral campaign and was all set to be a successful journalist. Sure, it's been a tough few years for journalism, but surely Rory would rise to the top like she always does? And yet, she's pouring out her heart to Jess, saying: "I could have been a contender". Hopefully she's just being overdramatic.

2. Will Jess give her the pep talk she needs?


He was the one who motivated her to go back to Yale by reminding her what she could do if she was determined enough. "You're still a contender," he replies.

3. Why is Kirk at Friday Night Dinner?


Lorelei and Emily seem just as confused as we are.

4. Why did Richard Gilmore die?


Edward Herrmann died two years ago, so the Gilmore Girls will also have to say goodbye to Richard Gilmore - but we don't yet know how he passed away. His absence will be keenly felt.

5. Why is Emily Gilmore wearing jeans? And a T-shirt?


Emily never wears jeans. This is a bad sign about how she is coping with her husband's death.

6. What has Rory been doing in London?


Lorelei says Rory is channelling Jack Kerouac's On The Road - but what has brought her to England? Intriguing.

7. Why is Lorelei talking about Luke in therapy?


"We're happy. Luke and I are happy," she tells her therapist uncertainly. Uh-oh. Is their relationship in trouble?

8. Has Paris become Hillary Clinton?


Is that a pant-suit we spy? And... is Paris back at Chilton?

9. What is Logan doing back in the picture?


What happened between him and Rory after she turned down his proposal?

10. And how about Rory's first sweetheart, Dean?


11. Does the YouTube repeat button ever break?

Asking for a friend.


All will be revealed when Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life is released on Netflix on November 25


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